Get Education Beyond Your Imagination

A Leading Computer Education Center Since 2008 at ANDAL.

Motto:- Get Education Beyond Your Imagination        Vision:- Computer Literacy for Everyone


1. All students should bring their exercise book and computer book regularly in computer center. School exercise book also needed for class.

2. Switch off your mobile ( or silent mode ) at the time of classes.

3. Be careful about your behaviours which don’t disturb any other students.

4. Come with formal dresses. Don’t come with casual dress at the time of class i.e., ‘Bermunda’ or anything which does not match our computer centre environment.

5. Do practical classes with proper lesson. Lesson taken from teachers and back to him/her with initial condition. Do not spoil or tear resources which help you.

6. Do not touch that thing which is not related to you & your class.

7. Clear your monthly fees within 20th of every month. Fine will be charged ₹10 for failing date.

8. For missing or spoiling your I-card, fees book which supplied by computer centre will be reissue with fine ₹50 respectively after submitting your application.

9. If you not attend your class more than 15 days then after two reminder yours student registration will be void. Then if you want to join this computer centre again then you would be treated as new student.

10. In the case of school student & monthly paid student each & every month fees should be deposited within due date if not attending the classes and stopped the fees. Then when you again start your class at that time you should take admission again for your classes.

11. In the case of general courses student each & every months fees should be deposited within due date if you not attend your classes and stopped your fees. Then we will remind you two times verbally and one time by written, but after that if you not start your class & fees then your registration will void. Then when you again start your class at that time you should be re- admitted for your classes

12. Shouting, any ill behaviour or violating any above rules, student registration would be cancelled and can bring suspension in your practical and theory classes.

13. Girls and children, if having any problem, feeling uneasy at any time during class or being disturbed by any other student should immediately call or report to STUDENT MITRA or SAFETY OFFICER.

14. Prospectus and course fees once paid would not be refunded at any circumstances.

15. Without ID card (if given to you) you may be restricted to entire centre.

16. Class time should be maintained highly and tediously.

17. Student should submit prior application or prior information for absence of class more than 3 classes, failing will lead cancellation of the student registration.

18. As we follow “one time admission life time admission”. It is mandatory to keep your student ID safely. After completing one course if you want to re-admission in any other course then the course registration fees will be wave out by paying ₹100 only.

*Violating above rules & regulation student registration may be terminated without notice and student will need to do re-registration for doing class again