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A Leading Computer Education Center Since 2008 at ANDAL.

Motto:- Get Education Beyond Your Imagination        Vision:- Computer Literacy for Everyone

About Us

Our Motto: Get education beyond your imagination

Our Vision: To provide computer literacy for everyone

ANDAL COMPURASS EDUCATION CENTRE(ACEC) is an educational institute also known as COMPURASS AND ACEC was founded in 2006 with a vision to develop professional excellence in IT & is to spread the digital literacy program. We also ensure that no one will be digital illiterate for financial problem till COMPURASS existent. COMPURASS also aimed to cater the growing demand for professionals. Since its inception COMPURASS has gained a reputation to itself for its quality training. Acccording to the Industries need we update our centre day by day.

We started our educational journey in the year 2006 but our centre's professional grown up done in the year of 2008 at Andal Damodar Road. After four successive year we connect with IRCMD(Institute of Rural Computer & management Development). After getting affliation in the year 2012 we got more support from our students and guardians.

In the year of 2017 we attached with renowed AICSM( All India Computer Saksharta Mission) We try to fulfill the dream of GOVT. of India "Information Technology for everyone".

In the year 2019 we were delighted to open our new centre as COMPURASS BRANCH I at Andal Hindi School more. This new branch of our centre also got huge support from students.We run both centre successfully till date. We believe that our student would be a "future informatic part" of our country

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