Get Education Beyond Your Imagination

A Leading Computer Education Center Since 2008 at ANDAL.

Motto:- Get Education Beyond Your Imagination        Vision:- Computer Literacy for Everyone


Nowadays IT education is an essential education for upcoming future. Information Technology has become a fastest growing industry in today's scenario which is providing thousands of job to well trained professionals.

In this point of view we try to provide depth full computer education with a good infrastructure knowledge. The main objective behind the establishment of this institution is to spread the digital lteracy program. Our institution try to care upon the growing future of IT professionals. There are millions of people who can only dream about Computer Education.

COMPURASS is helping some of them to realize this dream. I personally trust without (DDH) Dedication- Discipline-Hardwork no one can got success in his/her lfe. From this point of view I ensure this intitute sholud care about DDH(not only students our group of faculty also maintain this). I also as Centre Co-ordinator of COMPURASS ensure that no one will illiterate for financial problem till our existent, our well equipped computer lab help students to move forrward to get professionals competence. I wish for their great success and bright future and hope their better tomorrow.

Previoulsy when all facd the tough position (COVID-19) we stand with guardians and students and try to help them financially also by announcing that the lock down period's half month or full month classes fees waved. After COVID-19 period if any existing students got financial crises we support them.

I personally also want from our respected guardians, if you have any constructive idea which you think may upkeep our Centre, you are always welcome to share it with us.

With Thanks

Sagar Kumar Das

Centre Co-ordinator, ACEC